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I'm Hernan, an Argentinian Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Science. After dedicating 15 years to the IT industry, I needed a change and found my new passion in the diving industry as a diving instructor.
Over the years I’ve had the chance to talk to lots of different people in the diving industry and learning from their experiences and quickly realizing that dive centers face numerous challenges, including tracking students, scheduling, and managing accounting, wages, and commissions.
This discovery inspired me to merge my technical expertise with my newfound industry insights to create ScubaCloud. We created a platform that goes beyond traditional management; it is designed to be intuitive and easy to work with, empowering diving businesses with precise data and insights. With ScubaCloud, we want you to not just manage, but expand your business, harnessing the power of information to make strategic decisions and drive growth.
Let‘s connect and take a deep dive into your business, Hernan.

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